Street Kids in Lauro de Freitas (Salvador), Bahia

Teenagers and older people help each other to improve their own life conditions in the slum.

Teenagers and older people help each other to improve their own life conditions in the slum.


The RC Hermeskeil-Hunsrück, Germany (District 1810) supported the Brazilian RC Lauro de Freitas (District 4550) actively to ameliorate the future of the street kids in the long run. Initiating an international rotarian collaboration the RC Daun/Eifel and RC Trier Porta, (District 1810) as well as the RC Hornchurch and Upminster from England (District 1240) participated in this project actively.

Social Background

Caused by the extreme poverty, missing potential earnings, and illiteracy a big part of the population in the slum of the city Lauro de Freitas glides off to drug consumption. That is why there is a constantly increasing rate of drug-related crimes with robbery and homicides. Children and teenagers don’t have a chance to withdraw themselves from criminality and drug consumption on the street if they don’t get additional support.

The Project

The aim of this Matching Grant project is to improve the life of Street Kids and the population in a slum in Lauro de Freitas in the area of Salvador in Bahia. The children, living in the street, suffering from poverty, drug consumption and drug criminality will get the opportunity to learn better social behavior in special youth groups. Within these supervised groups the kids will learn to play soccer, to dance Capoeira and to make music with drums together, developing a better self-esteem, improving their social behavior among themselves and building up good friendship. Simultaneously, as a long term perspective the teenagers will get a chance to earn their means of subsistence by collecting and recycling garbage.

The supervised leisure activities and good equipment for collecting and recycling garbage economically will provide a long-term alternative to the street-life for the teenagers.
By doing so it is expected that the incidence of robbery and murder in Portao will be reduced and the population will develop awareness for environmental protection.

Estimated length of time

The project’s length was one year. Under the surveillance and control of RC Lauro de Freitas this project gave a start to improve the life conditions and the social situation of the people living in the suburb of Lauro de Freitas.
This project delivered long-term potential earnings for the teenagers, providing the means of subsistence and also covering all costs of the project’s maintenance. According to the principle ‘help to self-help’ the people continue their activities as a long-term support after grant funding has been expended.



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